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Finding you a better deal 

Vehicle Select provides a range of benefits to help save you time and money when buying a new car. Access competitive pricing on all makes and models through their comprehensive dealer network. Tell us the details of the car you're after and your price range – then let Vehicle Select do the rest.


Car advice 
Our team takes the time to understand your needs, so they can provide unbiased advice to help find you the right car. 
Test drives 
We can arrange a convenient test drive around your busy schedule at your office or home, available in most metropolitan areas. 
Better deals 
Our team of car buying specialists negotiates hundreds of car deals a month for our clients – some saving thousands of dollars off the recommended retail price. Trade-in 
Know what your car is worth? We do. Save yourself the hassle and let our team handle your trade-in for you as a part of your new car deal.

TRAPS  to AVOID with car dealer finance

  • Would you finance your house on the spot from the Real Estate Auctioneer
  • So would you buy your car finance on the spot from a car dealer? These are some reasons why you shouldn't… 

Going through your car dealer for finance might seem convenient at the time, but you could end up with an expensive loan and/or more restrictive terms and conditions.

Extra costs could include establishment fees, annual fees, early exit fees and late payment fees. Watch out for these penalties being obscured or played down.

Car dealers may try to avoid giving you a guaranteed interest or repayment rate until you have entered into a contract.

This is because once you have the quote you can potentially go to bargain with another car dealer. Ultimately, this can lead to long negotiations, or entering into a contract when there are better options available. With your adviser, you have access to a wide range of competitive quotes straight away.

A car dealer's aim is usually to close the deal. But this could mean being rushed into a decision without considering other options.

If you are not confident about repayments or how the deal will affect your tax and financial situation, being rushed into an agreement can have damaging effects on your personal or business capital.

Always make sure you feel comfortable with your finance options.

For example, avoid dealing with two salespeople at once in a car yard, as this can put pressure on you to accept an agreement.

When it's time to buy your next vehicle,  Call or email us to get the best deal for you.

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